Bassy - Love Vine
May 28, 2004


Junior Bacchus, not the I-specialist doctor, the Activist turn Psychiatrist/ Mad-specialist, ah former ULP dye-hard, was so sins-here they uses to call him Junior Back-Us. But Back-Us loves his country and when he feels things not going right he Barks ah lot, like ah Junior Bark-Us. Not too long ago he join some bad-jon in the party and Bark at de Come-red say he don’t want no more Buns. As ah result de Come-Red had to swallow pride and tek the Buns off the break-fast table, but Come-red went further and pour-out the grave-he Junior had in his plate at the NIS. {{more}}Suddenly Junior felt like he was losing Friends, so he found ah set ah new Friends that are no Friends ah de Come-Red! Since then, any time he Bark was like ah Curse to de Come-Red, he was renamed Junior Bark-Curse and didn’t know it. So at the cricket when he call out to de Come-Red like if they were still Friends, he was begging fuh Curse, and ah hear he got it too!
While all this was taking place ah didn’t know ah thing. Is Lie-Za who call to tell me listen to Junior Bark-Curse on the Radio; he calling de Come-Red dirty names. And then she say he call de Come-Red An-ass-says-is-tick! Ah had to listen fuh me-self, then check the Web and discover that the word is ‘a narcissistic’ and is about this Greek Lad who fell in luv with himself the first time he look in ah mirror. Mirror or no mirror on the wall, de Come-Red done fall in luv with he-self long before he ever see ah mirror not-with-standing the belly and so on and so forth.
But ah believe that Bark-Curse went to the Web-site, and Mad-Specialist he is, made his die-ah-knows-is from and piece written by ah Geologist who concluded that his President Who-go Chavez, Cash-throw and Get-off-he of Lib-yah are all narcissistic. That should not hurt de Come-Red because he does boast that all ah them is buddies. But the definition narrows down to things like: “Exhibitionists, can’t stop talking, does Tell-I, mentally unbalanced” and so on, nothing to lose sleep over, all things we familiar with. My own conclusion is that ah been around fuh ah while and would have seen all ah SVG leaders in they prime, Josh, Cato Mitchell, Arm-In fuh ah few months, not enough and de Come-Red; and without offending anybody, it seems to me that ah pull-it-tek-all leader is first and foremost an-ass-say-is-tick! So there is no need to prolong this debate in futility and no need to crew-say-fire Junior Bark-Curse.

Ah feel fuh Daniel Cummings former CWSA manager. Nobody could discard his contribution that easily, fearless, honest, committed, dedicated and is ah successful manager. He spent over 20 years ah his life building ah model Corporation that was deep in death when he took office. He praises his staff and is on record of meking sure his low income wukers who illiterate went back to school and had it remedied. But Cummings is not ah push around, and the worse thing he hate is fuh ah minister to enter-fear in his wuk. Was that same Cummings who disconnected the water of ah Minister in the NDP time fuh $3,000 arreas. Lie-Za say that already he did done lock off ah number of ULP ministers including Beach, Francis and Tom-son, the only friend he had in Cabinet was de Come-red and Sims Martin. So he had it coming when his contract came up to Cabinet and his position sorry, his opposition to the Cross Country Road and the Two-bigger-Keys didn’t help. Listening to Cummings Press Conference, it is my view that Cummings is ah casualty of pull-it-tek-all victim-I-say shun. But ah will wait to hear the other side.
Garth Saunders will replace Cummings; he’s just as principled as Daniel, equally as out-spoken and patriotic; we all know his position sorry, opposition to the Cross Country Road and Two-Big-ah Keys and if the men them didn’t like Cummings’ polly-ticks, Garth will be no less aunty-enter-fear-ance and aggressive. This country cannot afford to dump professionals of the caliber of ah Daniel Cummings.

Ah don’t know much bout Dink-he Ball-Come, but he got to have guts to decide to run ‘gainst de Come-Red. Fuh starters he wll not have any problem with the fine-ants. Lie-Za say his dad Lamba promise to MT his bank book and Dink-he just happen to be wuking fuh one ah the biggest Supermarkets de Come-Red did promised to deal with. Elections are closer than many anticipate, but first forecast is that Dink-he will keep de Come-Red busy in his constituency. Lie-Za she after Dink-he got thrown out ah Marketing Baord, he challenged de Come-Red and de Come-Red tell him, the others could “wash dey foot and come, but yuh Dink-he got to “wash yuh Ball-Come!”

FUH $50
Ah watching ah situation with ah dozen pretty skin girls from Santa Domain-go who arrived from No Where, with No Where to stay and from the latest reports they have No Where further to go. They were deported to go No Where it seems, because when they arrived in Bo- bathe-us, their tickets didn’t intend fuh them to go very far from here; they were sent back to SVG. There is no vacancy fuh their kind ah sex-put-ease in Bim and there is none here either, except fuh those young professionals and men in high offices who can afford to pay them $50.00 fuh ah Lolly Pop or $75.00 fuh Choc Ice the Choc Ice is Lolly Pop with the extra layer ah choc-lic. Ah calling on Sir Vincent to have these young ladies, all illegal imigrants sent back to their homeland; maybe ah should call on minister Walters, but he so thing with he-self he might want to bun them like Gays too, one problem, some ah them fellars in Cabinet will bun him first!
And with that ah Gone again!
One Love Bassy.