Bassy - Love Vine
May 21, 2004

Dear Come-red! Ah want to do like Mr. Bar-It and withdraw my organization’s proposals on the Two-big-ah-Key. My organization just happens to be an NGO; we been around since the days ah Mc Intosh, in fact Papa Mac himself was the first NGO; from thence forth it just survived.
We seem to stand out because is only ah hand-full ah we that dare to I-dentify. Like other NGO’s we get branded as Pull-it-tek-all and we get called all kind ah names, one time we were heir-marked fuh Treason; called all kind ah nin-com-poop; common-ness; so any reference to our members as Dishonest, Untruthful, Malignant, Vindictive and Terror-ace, them is joke name, is like calling we Come-red in the good ole days! {{more}}As ah matter ah fact; at one time thru out the region one Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was branded the most undesired member of this fear-most NGO; was yuh faith in what our NGO stands fah, why yuh never gave up and ultimately became Prime Minister.
Maybe that is why we can’t see I-to-I, we like peas in ah pod; like Jacob and Esau, the twins that uses to kick-up one another even in they mother’s womb! Yes Come-red ah know by now yuh done figure out this NGO long time. We are that group that Guv-ah-mint after Guv-ah-mint accuse of Opposing them, but really is the other way around, we are the Nationals Guv-ah-mints Oppose!
But it is important yuh don’t mix-up the few ah we with other NGO’s, them is Non Guv-ah-mint-all Organization, we not dealing with things that are Non, no Non ah dis and Non ah dat, or Non-ah-lying and what have yuh. So going back to what ah was saying, ah withdraw like Mr. Bar-It.
However, ah want yuh to include me on the Environ-mental-list. Please don’t demand any qualification papers from, or ah will demand that we see how, where and when Mr. Bar-It got his. Is 36 years ah dey up and down in this Surveying business, ah know bout the forests, ah know how the environ-mint, how to cut down trees, hunt Man-ha-coup and I-guana, and shoot wild P-John. My gosh, how can I leave out me piece ah qualification; ah not racist. We, that’s me, yuh and Bar-It could never be racist either, we married to Black women.
Again like Bro B, B as in Bob Bar-It, I am willing to provide Con-sell-it-an-see Service to the Two-big-ah-Keys. And ah meking ah financial contribution of US $ 100.00 with no conditions what-so-ever, sorry one condition, no part shall be used fuh the Calm-Pain. Now my small bit is only ah part, the rest will come from Friends ah SVG in the form ah shares. Guv-ah-mint 75% shares should be the value of the Keys, the other 25% will be offered to the public. Ah lot ah mouth was passed on this project and ah maul-in on Bro B and his US$ 100,000.00. So all good friends should now be given ah chance to show love and put we money way we mouth dey!
Next is the management team. Lie-Za is quite happy with yuh choice of Mr. Dublin as manager. Her choice fuh Marine Biologist is ah NGO stalwart in your day, Kerwyn Morris; ah tell she that Kerwyn is NDP and is no way yuh will want him there, she say ain’t nobody in these parts with skills to match Kerwyn’s. And I must remind yuh of the days when Cato uses to hunt all yuh down fuh literature and say was Fuh-rum.
The Board ah Management should include Fr Mark, Matthew Harvey, the District Officer, Vernalyn Blemcowe, Anne Adams, Capt Yannis or Jacques, the young public servant Laidlow of Can-One, and Bro B (Bar-It). Bar-It has millions invested in the Grenadines, his property is the closest to the Keys and it would be ah serious error not to include him on the Board.


Much is being said bout the Greedy Bill that the ULP bringing back to Par-liar-mint. NDP had pushed that Bill and the ULP objected and it caused the NDP to fall. The Bill contained ah Study into emoluments fuh public servants and members ah Par-liar-mint. My understanding was that the Guv-ah-mint was defying public servants requests fuh more pay; teachers at the Guv-ah-mint assisted schools were given the blank treatment; they along with parents and their Clergy (Priests and Nuns) took to the street after they were refused an audience with the Guv-ah-mint to hear they problems, one of which was pension. But when the Study was completed Guv-ah-mint was found hurrying to Par-liar-mint to push thru benefits fuh themselves before dealing with the public servants. Pastor Hunte, famous fuh his popular Battling Ram program, read the Report and said it was ah good one, but that Guv-ah-mint needed to deal with the public servants first. My wife wuking as ah teacher at ah Catholic School since she left school.
Guv-ah-mint pays her but she has no pension to get, sorry, she has one now. The ULP Guv-ah-mint fixed up all ah them with they pension. Having done that de Come-red brought back the same Greedy Bill that he rejected. The conditions however are quite different; he has made right certain injustices first. They say “ah who feel um know um!”


Ah feel de Come-red trying to Trick-I. Some nights ago we had ah war with words. He Challenge-I say he don’t Tell-I. But Lo and behold Frank Da Silva on his Current Ah-fear program, playing ah tape over and over with de Come-red voice in the House add-myth-in that he does Tell-I some-times. Lie-Za got it like ah riddle: “ Yuh Tell-I, yuh don’t Tell-I, but add-myth to the House, yuh does Tell-I!”
And with that is Gone-I !
Remember all roads lead to Bishop John’s Temple at Belmont fuh Spiritual Baptist Day!
One Love Bassy.