Bassy - Love Vine
May 6, 2004

Thank yuh Mr Bar-it

Ah want to say ah special thank yuh to Mr. Bar-it fuh teking such ah-noble-man stand on the Two-big-ah Keys.
Ah have not heard the contents ah Mr. Barrett’s letter to de Come-red, but my girl Lie-Za heard it and called to tell me that Mr. Bar-it step aside on the Two-big-ah-keys and say he don’t want to Bar-it no more. The Two-big-ah Keys project has success written all over it, but it requires serious managerial skill. And that is why ah always supported the theory that it is ah project that our local people should be given ah chance to try our hands and show that we are ah developing people. {{more}}
That arrange-mint fuh Bar-it running the project, taking out his expenses and then sharing the profits, to my mind was ah give away and ah insult to our civil-I-say-shun. And ah kept asking me-self what game is de Come-red playing. The whole exercise is contrary to his I-de-allergy, he cannot be talking Carry Beyond Ah-noble-mint on one hand and here in his own country, he is not prepared to let his people get ah chance to show we “Noble” and could “Mint” ah dollar too.
But ah lot ah pressure was brought to bear on de Come-red, pull-it-tek-all, Sore-shell, Clear-recall ah-la Fr. Mark and even some Ras-call too, not yuh Ras-star. Ah have ah feeling that the move to install Bar-it was carefully orchestrated; Guv-ah-mint would Set the Stage fuh Bar-it and if the people don’t tek part in the Play and get in the Act, then Bar-it will back-down and de Come-red will come out like he ain-no-saint. So said so done.
Ah lot ah Praise and Prayers went up fuh Two-big-ah-Keys and the Lord has heard and answered the people’s cry. The real victory is yet to be won, the struggle now begin.. This project will demand ah Partnership like no other; Guv-ah-mint, all steak-holders, the public, very importantly the Friends of Two-big-ah-keys (FOTC), ah Friend in deed is ah friend in deed! Now is the time fuh the FOTC, de Come-red, the people and the Opposition to berry the hot-chit, look at the bigger picture, the country and let’s move.


Ah don’t K way nobody say, when every thing is said and done, de Come-red is going to come out ah winner. Let’s say things get sour along the way, de Come-red will say, “ ah did say so”. If thing wuk well and I’m sure they well, de Come-red will get and tek all the credit fuh backing down indirectly. Ah did come-plain the de Come-red nah listening to me because I is ah-min-man. But that ain’t so; ah did beg him to carry Renwick Rose to England to talk Bananas, and he did.
Up to Tuesday when we spoke ah beg him to give us ah chance to run the Two-big-ah-keys and he finally did, ah believe is de Come-red dictated that letter. Now ah begging him not to go Cross Country looking fuh road, not now. Ah think he on the right road when he say he going fuh the Airport at Argyle. NDP tek warning, if De Come-red drop the Cross Country Road and air-mark ah site fuh ah bigger Airport, start to calm-pain fuh the 2011 elections!


If Cultural Events like Can-ah-fall, Nine Mornings, Gospel Fest must survive, then we need to set ah few things straight.
Of paramount importance is the kind ah Shows some ah these Organ-I-say-shun want to promote during these Festivals. It takes hundreds ah thousands ah tax dollars to prepare the country fuh Can-ah-fall, promotions got to be done all over, preparing the City, finding tent space, providing start up money fuh the components and lots more.
And all these Organ-I-say-shun do, is to sit on the fence like Culture Vulture waiting to swoop down, scramble up de meat and go. They contribute absolutely nothing to the development of Culture. I overs why CDC cannot afford to have head on competition from any Promoters during the nights of Shows.
And Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Sell-man should ah never give Roots Man Promotions Victoria P ark in preference to the Gospel Fest Committee who had the Park booked since February. Ah want Sell-boy to explain how come the Gospel Fest Committee booked the Victoria Park and got approval from Town Board months ago to have the Finals on May 1st and 2nd.
They advertised the date fuh the shows; even invited Papa San out ah ah Jamaican fuh the 2nd . Up to the time when Cheer-man, My-call heard that Roots Man was having ah Buju Banton show at the same venue on the same night, he check with Town Board and was told not to worry the nights belong to Gospel Fest. But when Roots Man turned up to pass his money to Town Board, Sell-man forget he Christian Roots man, and add-vice Town Board to collect the much needed money. Not even Reign-hey could stop that, Cabby-knit ah ruling that Town Board got ah legal Con-track with Roots Man, so Gospel Fest had to scramble to the hard-coat at Arnos Vale! Let the records show that Gospel Fest, the Cultural Extravaganza fuh the Christian Community was handed Drug-get (floor cloth) treatment in preference to Roots Man Promotions.
They needed ah man like Duggie “Nose” Joseph, when ah watch how Duggie “Nose” Joseph stood up in support ah the CDC fuh giving another Organ-I-say-shun the Red Light, ah clear No, to promote and host ah Can-ah-fall Show on the night ah Miss Carival, CDC’s biggest Show! Ah say bravo Nose, and ah wish the Gospel Fest had yuh to stand up to Cabby-knit and Town Board and demand that the Gospel Fest people get they justice, let Roots Man find another night. But Lie-Za keep saying “Nose” is too much ah Roots Man fuh that but Sell Man want to play Roots Man too!!
Not good nuff Sell-he. And with that, ah gone again!

One Love Bassy