Bassy - Love Vine
April 30, 2004
Lard, is way ah went wrong?

With the cost ah high living as it is, bringing up ah child is like ah business investment.
From the time the child born we done start to label it with ah professions. If the child head ah lickle on the big side, once the doctor say that it normal, we must add we two sense bit and boast that big head is ah sign ah extra brain, yuh watching the future family Lawyer or Doctor. And it gets more ridiculous as the child grows; if the girl loves playing with dolls and kids, that confirms the doctor theory, she will be ah pediatrician. On the other hand if it is ah boy and he can’t stop talking and love to talk he-self out ah trouble (ell-eye-eee) that is no ordinary Lawyer in the making, he is the next QC. {{more}}
And then ten years after all ah them noble predict-shun, yuh get one ah them letters from the Principal ah the school inviting yuh to his/her office, only to break yuh heart with the news that yuh future Pediatrician has now made yuh the youngest grand-parent in the village, or if is ah boy, yuh future Doctor now needs to see ah real Doctor, ah Psychiatrist, he walks to school with ah gun threatening to shoot-up the other kids, or worse still, that yuh now need ah Lawyer to help yuh free yuh future Lawyer, the QC from ah drug pushing charge,
Straight away yuh brains drop down from yuh head to yuh lower intestines, yuh want to too-too! even though that was the last thing yuh did before yuh left home. Yuh heading fuh the toilet and the only thing that comes to mouth is the famous biting claws: “Lard, is way ah went wrong?” On the toilet seat Prayer come to mind, but yuh realize yuh ain’t say yuh prayers fuh months, yuh too busy gathering wealth to send that same heart breaker to University. Thank goodness yuh still remember how to find de Lard, but the only words yuh could muster is: “ Lard tek s/he! Tek s/he fuh me Lard!” All of ah sudden yuh realize that what yuh doing now is what yuh should ah done in the beginning, “way gone bad ah marning can’t come good ah evening!”
We are all guilty of that offense, we christen we children, we baptize them or get them blessed, but we never think of putting ah label on them and say this one is ah Priest or ah Nun, ah Pastor or Bishop and yuh give s/he back to God like Hannah did with Samuel her only son, in the Bible. Is only now that the too-too hit the fan, and it too late that we ready to invite de Lard in they life.
But with the Master it is never too late. Sister Ivy come-plain to me that the Master’s Vine-yard is now grossly under-staffed, ah bountiful Harvest but the fruits spoiling, fruit fly and Me-lay-Bugs in the form of crime, drugs, S and STD tek over the crop, they destroying them young people too bad. We running out ah Priests and Nuns, we need more young Vincy men like Fathers Mike, Mark, Andrew, Vivian and young ladies like Sisters Carmen, Jazz-I and Sail-een to tek over the reign. So this week-end the Catholics will be offering special Prayers fuh wukers, preferably young people to sign up fuh Jesus and wuk on the Masters Vine-yard.. Interestingly, at The Salvation Army last weekend we had the same appeal and some beautiful young people came forward. It is ah one-day-full job opportunity, consider the words of Jesus: “ sell what yuh have, give it all to the poor, tek up the Cross of obedience and follow Him”. Ah great reward is in store fuh yuh “ He will provide and care yuh fuh the rest ah this life and the life to come”.
Friends of Too-big-ah Key (FOTC) now have ah few more friends after hosting a very enlightening Educational Forum on Monday. All things taken into consideration, the attendance was reasonable about 100 people, ‘member nobody want they name call say they been they. It was live on Nice Radio the NDP station with 2 % listening audience. Lie-Za swear she did ah survey last year, and there is ah 2 % NDP listening crowd and sometimes as high as 98 % ULP.
To mek ah long story short the FOTC is not in fear-for de Come-red’s choice of Bar-It to run the Too-big-ah-key Marine Park (TCMP), I support that position me-self. Man ah listen to the presentation by Kurt Cordice ah young Vincy Marine Biologist, former manager ah the TCMP, and ah say right away, that’s the man to run TCMP, and if de Come-red goes ahead and gives the TCMP to Bar-it, the next couple ah generation when de name Come-red comes up fuh National Hero, they will laugh they belly full like how they laughing now when Cato’s name is mentioned. They will Bar-it! Listen to Ma Olliverre Come-red, ah senior citizen, she spoke fuh Mayreau people, “When we gave away PSV, Mustique, Palm Is, Can-One to far-reign-yah,” she say “ We didn’t know what Gift we Have! Do we know any different now? Great ole lady full ah wisdom!
While the FOTC has Aims and Objectives that are very non-pull-it-tek-all, there are however persons with NDP buttons present in the organization ; and since they are opposing the Guv-ah-mint on this one, de Come-red will have nothing to do with them. They invited him and Arm-In and he gave then ah back handed slap in the form of ah letter. Ah feel if this Forum was intended to expose all possible stake-holders then FOTC should ah invited de Come-red to present Guv-ah-mint’s position on the TCMP; and they should ah try to get Sir James to give his vision fuh the TCMP at the time. Cordice come-plain that was endless frustrations he got on the job from 1998 till last year, both administrations, Sir James and de Come-red like they didn’t give ah damn or had no plan. Ah lot was said at the Forum, ah lot of which we knew, but maybe we needed people in the business to tell us they were given ah chance and they did it, and we too, can do it if we try sorry, if we are given ah chance to try.
So glad to hear that my “school-mate in school” Basil “Bung Soak-an-know” Cato mek three score and ten to go. Yuh know yuh sixty when yuh friends and family throw ah Big Bashment Party fuh yuh and who should turn up and add to the Fern oops Fun. Bung, Is yuh friend, yuh best friend, welcome to the Club. God Bless! And have lots ah Fun, Fun and more Fern!
And with just that, is gone ah gone again. One Love Bassy!