Impossible to live without you
Bassy - Love Vine
April 20, 2004
Impossible to live without you

“You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me die for you;
You make me glad, you make me sad, you make me mad for you;
Impossible to live with you, but I can never live without you;
But whatever you do; I’ll never, never want to be with anyone but you.”
The above are Lyrics taken from ah song by Shirley Bassey, ah beautiful ballad. Them kind ah lyrics is fuh people who in Love! Lie-Za say she not promising no man them kind ah lyrics, is only her mother she could promise that and mean it. She might have ah point but ah find that where Brian Lara and West Indies Cricket are concerned, when ever ah series is on, ah does have to sing them lines ever so often, to console me-self.{{more}}
Fuh the last ten years our West Indies team has not failed to frustrate its supporters. In any one series we could expect them to perform and mek we glad to ah point where we would die fuh them; and in that same series they will reverse that performance and mek we cry and mad fuh them. Ah don’t think there is ah Columnist in the Caribbean who has not passed his/her piece ah bad-mouthed on West Indies Cricket. As recent as last week, Doc Fraser in his column entitled “The enigma of W.I. Cricket” very subtly suggested that while we give thanks fuh Christ’s Resurrection that we should pray fuh ah Resurrection fuh West Indies Cricket. So too did Renwick Rose in one of his better pieces, he pulled ah parallel and analogized the fate of our cricket with the life of Christ. Talk ’bout Passion? Caribbean People’s Passion is we Cricket. Our only identity as ah Caribbean family is our Cricket! Yes, we have other institutions of which we can be greatly proud; like the University of the West Indies that prepares our intellectual minds fuh academic development; there’s the CDB and Caricom where our technocrats and Pull-it-tel-all leaders who are supposed to deal with economic development. But our Cricket affords every strata, and more so the grass-roots in society ah fair chance. And it is at this level that we are now being out played; we lack the lickle skills in classroom discipline and leadership training. Our Education system, our Universities, Caricom desks and the rest have been sleeping; they have not done enough to effect programs that would develop ah balance between raw natural skills and the mind skills. We need to spot the talent early and transfer some of it to the head. Frank Worrell and Clive Lloyd had University exposure, they produced ah style of leadership that compares differently to those of Sobers. Richards, Adams and Lara who didn’t get that University exposure.
Ever so often we are reminded that we have the individual talent. Last weekend, while we celebrated the Easter or Resurrection of Christ, Brian Lara and the team rolled away the stone from the grave that kept our bodies down, and piled up ah record total of over 750 runs; Lara himself breaking four records: he broke Matthew Hayden’s record of 381, he set ah new record and in the process became the first man to mek 400 runs in an innings in ah test match; and the first man to hold the record twice, that is like climbing Mount Everest twice, nobody ever did that, did they? During the historic moments ah was at ah wedding at the Casino in Vermont, and the thunderous shouts that echoed from the Valley was enough signal to tell us that Lara had broken the record. The party was going strong but believe me, the festive mood went into ah higher gear when Lara’s new record was confirmed. But we done know how it goes, by this and next week, we could expect anything from our Players; they might mek we glad, they might mek we mad, but whatever they do, we’ll never, never want to be with any other team but Them!
Ah had ah one-dah-full weekend. Good Friday Pageant at Calder; nice Resurrection Service on Sunday; St Mary’s R.C. School Easter Concert on Monday evening, ah heard some sweet voices from the choirs of both St. Mary’s and St Joseph Convent Kingstown.
But the climax ah the weekend came early in the morning, ah went to ah family wedding; ah unique situation where Teacher tied knot with Principal. I-ran Rouse ah teacher at Camden Park Multi-purpose Sec. took Samantha Minors Principal of Bishop High to be his lawful wife. Very simple Church Service conducted by Fr. George and then every body with they ears glued to the radio fuh cricket, journeyed to the Valley Inn (Casino) fuh the reception. Dawn Smith did the catering, so ah need say no more excellent food and plenty too.
Lie-Za who seems to know every thing says that while the couple worked at the Convent, something made I-ran rouse when he saw innocence all over Samantha, he asked if she was still ah Minor. “Minors sound more like it,” she said. After that I-ran off with her to the Altar. The Love Vine wishes God’s Blessing on the couple.
And with just that, ah gone again.
One Love Bassy!