Ask the Doctor
February 3, 2015
Should I believe that an all-natural product can cure cancer?

Dear Doc,

I was told by a friend that her aunt was diagnosed with cancer and she ordered an all-natural product, which she took and on returning to the doctor her cancer had left the body entirely. Can I believe this?{{more}}


Dear Nellie,

One can believe in anything but in science you have to be able to reproduce the same effect on different persons and be sure that the products are safe. Until a person can document under proper protocols what was the state of a person with a specific cancer and ensure proper review of that documentation demonstrating the “cure” of the person with cancer, it cannot be accepted.

Many thrive on the fact that persons who are desperate for cure of cancer will do anything possible to get well, banking on the fact that “natural” products don’t require approval from state agencies and thus in essence are not regulated. What happens is that they make bold statements, which people accept and the result is that a thriving business develops.

All hands must be onboard in the fight against cancer. There must be no restriction to any one group of persons, but there is no room for false claims and bogus products, which can distract persons from the use of proper drugs and can also be dangerous.


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