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January 6, 2015
Was the ebola disease produced in a lab?

Dear Doc,

Was the ebola disease produced in a lab?


Dear Wendy,

Is God a black female?

The question is one that many persons ask in relation to the ebola virus. I cannot deny or confirm this, but even though it is good for theoretical discussions, it is of more concern to me that we get it under control. If the neighbour’s lion gets loose or runs through the village, the concern should be first stopping it and then confronting the neighbour, not the other way around.{{more}}

Organisms can be genetically modified and this is done in nature and by man. It is the reason why we can have different varieties of animals and plants of the same species or animals and plants with desirable qualities. If this strain of ebola virus was produced and used as a means of inflicting death, then naturally the persons involved should be treated accordingly.


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