Ask the Doctor
December 23, 2014
Can being vaccinated protect you from chikungunya?

Dear Doc,

I take the flu shot every year. Will I be protected from the chikungunya fever?{{more}}


Dear Elvis,

I am sorry to tell you that you are not. The flu shot you get annually does not have any specific protection for the chikungunya virus. The vaccine/shot annually given contains a combination of antigens that gives protection from a series of other viral illnesses/the flu.

It is important that the flu vaccines be taken, especially by the elderly and persons with chronic illneses as it is this group that has a high rate of death. It is important to note that most deaths associated with chikungunya fever are also in the category of persons that are elderly or have chronic illnesses. It thus means that taking your flu vaccines is very important, even though it does not give you protection from chikungunya fever.

Protection from chikungunya fever is best done by controlling the mosquito population and preventing mosquito bites.


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