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June 24, 2014
Are natural forms of treatment of cancer more effective than chemotherapy?

Dear Doc,

I visited my local herb doctor who convinced me that the use of chemotherapy is very dangerous to the body and that he does not recommend that I should complete my course of chemotherapy. He noted that natural forms of treatment, like solar/photo treatment, are far more effective. He was very convincing and quoted many documented studies that support his claims. Should I complete my chemotherapy or follow the advice of my herbalist?{{more}}


Dear Peter,

The decision on what form of treatment you accept is finally yours. You are in a situation where you are torn between two views of treatment for your cancer. One is based on modern western medicine and the other on traditional eastern medicine. Both have their own studies to quote from and reasons why theirs is more effective.

The first thing that you must do is be sure of the authenticity of both practitioners by contacting your local Ministry of Health in order to certify that the practitioners are registered professionals. Also enquire of other persons who have received treatment from both sources what their outcomes were. It is always important to find out if the practitioner has any legal obligation, in case the information and mode of treatment have been misrepresented.

The answers you receive should make you more informed on what mode of treatment you decide on. The Cancer Society is not the legal registration or licensing body for those who practise medicine authentically and therefore we are to assume that anyone who has not received a proper registration or licence for that purpose does not have the authority to dispense or propose treatment.


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