Ask the Doctor
January 7, 2014
Am I just producing non-cancerous lumps?

Dear Doc,

I have had three minor operations to remove lumps from my right breast. On all three occasions, they were not cancers. Last week I discovered a lump in the left breast and am wondering if it is worth the while removing it. Maybe I am just producing non-cancerous lumps!!{{more}}


Dear Linda,

Seeing can mean believing and it is not always wise to take chance on assumptions.

There are two factors to consider here for you to ponder on. The first and most important is that lumps are not normal findings in breasts and therefore a proper diagnosis can only be made if your doctor properly investigates the lump which might involve its removal. The other important detail is that your previous three lumps were in the right breast and this present one is in the left. In essence, we have a completely new scenario that requires its own series of investigations.

When dealing with cancers, there is a universal rule of thumb: “Never give cancer a chance”.


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