Ask the Doctor
November 19, 2013
Is having no symptoms a good sign that my prostate is okay?

Dear Doc,

I have no problem urinating and there is no blood in the urine. Can I feel assured that my prostate is okay?{{more}}


Dear Maxwell,

Never be fooled by feeling good and not having symptoms. The only way to know about the health of your prostate is to have it examined by your doctor.

Signs and symptoms like difficulty urinating and having blood in the urine may have no relationship to prostate cancer, and if they do, it would relate to a far advanced cancer. It is important that we make diagnosis of prostate cancer at the earliest stage, long before there are signs and symptoms. Early diagnosis has the best outcome, as management is easier, with possibility of cures.

There are other conditions of the prostate, bladder and kidneys that can present with difficulty passing urine or blood being passed with the urine, which have no relation to prostate cancer. Only after proper examination by your doctor can prostate cancer be diagnosed. Have your prostate examined annually.


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