Ask the Doctor
March 8, 2011

What should I do about a high PSA?

Dear Doc,

My PSA test came back high after two tests. My family doctor told me that I am 70-years-old and should simply put my house in order as I have lived a good life. What should I do?{{more}}


Dear Joe,

Get another opinion and maybe a new doctor.

The PSA is elevated naturally as one ages. Even with an elevated PSA at age 70, it is important to do further investigations besides a repeated PSA to make a proper diagnosis. Elevated PSA is not a confirmatory test for prostate cancer. An expert in the field of urology or general surgery would progress to taking a biopsy which will be reviewed by a pathologist for definitive diagnosis.

If you were diagnosed with prostate cancer, it does not means that there is no treatment for you. There are options available to ensure that the cancer does not spread and methods to prevent further spread.

Doctors must develop what is called the appropriate “bed-side manner” when communicating with patients and their family. The practice of medicine is not attaching an engine part with a few bolts and screws, but rather it is the use of knowledge to ensure the best outcome to every situation that the patient encounters.

You deserve a second opinion to get a definitive diagnosis and all options should be advised so that you can make an informed decision about your health and your future.


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