Ask the Doctor
July 13, 2010
Hard lump in my breast

Dear Doc,

I am sixteen years old and can feel a hard lump in my breast. What is the best plan action?{{more}}


Dear Keisha,

I am happy to know that you are aware of any changes in your breasts so that you can be cognizant of any masses/lumps.

All masses in the breast must be investigated. Though most masses in the breasts of young women are non-cancerous/benign fibroadenomas, it is important that you have the breast examined by a professional. Being a minor you would have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Your doctor will take a history during which you would give information of the nature the mass. It is important to recall when it was first noted, if it is painful, how fast it is growing and if there is any relation to your periods. Your family history of anyone who has had breast cancer and at what age it was diagnosed is important. Both breasts would be examined but the doctor, even though you might have only noted changes in one of them. Further investigations like an ultrasound and or a biopsy can be done. Many would rather the surgical removal of the entire mass, which would then be sent to the pathologist for confirmation of the diagnosis.

All breast masses must be examined and investigated by your doctor.


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