Animal Health
December 3, 2004
Causes of diarrhoea in dogs

Canine diarrhoea has been and still is a regular occurrence within the canine population globally.

The type, kind and the amount of food used to feed our dogs is a major cause of diarrhoea. {{more}}

Dogs (adults or puppies) that are overfed with any kind of food are at high risk of developing diarrhoea; likewise, those that received any diet changes that were not done gradually.

In my practice I have seen numerous cases of what is referred to as alimentary diarrhoea, which means diarrhoea resulting from food. Some food items that normally cause diarrhoea are cooked beans, cassava, milk that was not properly stored and the usage of overnight food (macaroni salad).

Intestinal diseases are other factors that facilitate canine diarrhoea. This is referred to as infectious diarrhoea due to the fact that the intestine may become infected with micro-organisms (virus, bacteria, protozoa…)

Worm infestation has proven to be a cause of canine diarrhoea. Dogs (puppies and adults) that are highly infested with worms may develop severe diarrhoea due to a constant intestinal wall irritation.

Next week’s article will deal with how to prevent canine diarrhoea.