Animal Health
October 22, 2004
Canine, Feline Flea Bite Dermatitis

Fleabite dermatitis is a skin problem of dogs and cats that develops as a result of an allergic reaction caused by the saliva released by the flea while biting.

Fleabite is considered an important factor in triggering dermatological problems in which the animals (dogs and cats) are seen scratching and biting themselves. {{more}}

The action of scratching and biting of the skin may result in severe damage that, if left untreated, will eventually develop into secondary bacterial infection and even death.

Fleabite dermatitis may be prevented by implementing an effective flea prevention programme. An effective flea prevention programme includes treating your dogs (puppies and adults) and cats (kittens and adults) for fleas even though they may not appear to be infested, and finally treating the animal’s immediate environment since fleas spend only a short part of their life cycle on the animal.

There are many products available that are very effective in preventing or treating fleas. Some of these products are: Cypertick, Ectoban “A” Flea Powder, Pro-can Flea Shampoo, Active 3 and Flea and Tick Soap (four paw).

Next week’s article will deal with the upcoming Canine Showcase 2004.