Animal Health
August 13, 2004
Choosing a Puppy

Many households are not suitable for a dog. Consider not just how the dog would fit into your own way of life, but how your lifestyle would affect the dog.
Dogs are companions and in today’s world they offer us a sense of security.{{more}}
Choosing a puppy is not an easy task and should be done with intense care.
When choosing a puppy, ensure that it is healthy. A healthy puppy should have bright, clean and alert eyes with no form of discharge. Having an eye discharge may indicate an eye infection or a common cold.
Its nose must be clean and moist. Having a runny nose may be sign of an infection of the respiratory system (pneumonia, etc.) and a dry nose is indicative of fever.
Its ears must be free of wax and any high scent, since the presence of these may signify an ear infection.
The skin and coat must show no sign of sores or erosion. Diarrhea normally has a high effect on a puppy. Examine its bottom. Signs of diarrhea are obvious when the bottom is not clean.
Finally, it is best to purchase a puppy that has already been dewormed and vaccinated.
Make a good choice today.

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