Word of Mouth
June 16, 2006
Dads, take time out for dental care

Dads are such busy guys, it often seems that they find time to do their work, help you with yours and still have time to help others. But when it comes to looking after their medical and dental health, it is so much easier for them to make sure you look after yours. Often it is the wife or children that literally have to carry them to see the doctor; as for the dentist, their philosophy often is “if it isn’t broke, why fix it”.{{more}}

It has been proven that good dental health is linked to longevity, yet one of the most common factors associated with infrequent dental check ups is just being male. It isn’t surprising that men are less likely to take care of their dental health and seek preventative dental care than women are, they often neglect it until a problem arises.

We all know that regular dental visits are necessary to prevent dental caries and gum disease, what most do not know is that gum disease increases your chances of developing diabetes and heart disease putting you at risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

In addition to detecting caries and gum disease, a dental check up every six months also allows your dentist to (i) detect early signs of oral cancer, a disease that occurs twice as often in men than in women. (ii) Improve bad breath, as this is often associated with poor oral hygiene. (iii) Whiten and brighten your teeth, improving your smile and bolstering your professional image.

Let’s look after our dads as they have done for us over the years, make the appointment, go with them and make sure their dental health is well, their lives depend on it.