Word of Mouth
November 11, 2005
What you should know to prevent Cold Sores

Annoying and definitely unsightly, cold sores, also called fever blisters or herpes simplex, are groups of painful, fluid filled blisters. They often erupt around the lips, below the nose and sometimes on the chin. Patients often feel a tingling sensation in the area a few hours before these sores appear.

Cold sores are caused by herpes virus type 1 and are very contagious. Kissing and any other oral contact should be avoided at this time. {{more}}The initial infection would have occurred as a child and is often confused with a cold or flu with small red lesions in the mouth, a condition known as herpetic gingivostomatitis. Once a person is infected with the virus, it stays in the body and causes occasional outbreaks. These outbreaks may follow a fever, sunburn, skin abrasion or emotional upset.

Cold sores usually heal in a week by themselves. Anaesthetic gels can provide temporary relief, anti viral • Dr France is a Dental Surgeon and practises at Dental Care Dental Clinic. She can be reached at sfrance@vincysurf.com or 456-2125.