Word of Mouth
October 21, 2005
Dental Laboratory Technician

If you like working with your hands, being creative and doing precision work, then you may like being a dental laboratory technician. Dental Technicians make dental prosthesis – replacement for natural teeth – allowing people who have lost some or all their teeth to be able to eat, speak and smile with confidence again.{{more}}

They work directly with the dentist by following detailed written instructions and using impressions (moulds) of the patient’s teeth or oral soft tissue to create full and partial dentures, fixed bridges, crowns, veneers and orthodontic appliances.

In most cases, an interested individual needs at least 5 O’ levels to apply. These courses are often a 2-3 year program at a dental school, technical college or University. Graduates will either receive an associate degree or certificate depending on the institution and length of study. Once graduated the option would be to work in an already established Laboratory or to be self-employed.

Working as a Dental Laboratory Technician offers you flexibility in hours and independence as you work on your own. Creativity and neatness are a must, as it requires the skill and touch of an artist. Job security is high as the elderly population is increasing and there will be a continued demand for dental prosthesis. Most of all, it gives you such personal fulfillment knowing that you’ve made someone’s bite sharper and smile brighter.