Word of Mouth
September 30, 2005

Workplace Etiquette – the 3rd brush in 3 times a day

One of the hardest things for us to do is telling someone that they have bad breath or food stuck between their teeth, we often look away or stand off hoping that the person would soon leave.

It therefore becomes our individual responsibility to make sure that our breath is fresh and our teeth clean when we have finished eating our lunch.{{more}}

If it is difficult to walk with a toothbrush to work, an alternative would be to use a “Brush Up” as seen on TV or to rinse out your mouth.

This small effort can save us the embarrassment of finding food stuck between our teeth hours later, and wondering who all saw it, or a friend turning their nose the other way as we speak to them after a nice spicy meal.

You not only owe this courtesy to your co-workers and customers, but your mouth deserves it more than you know, for the food left on your teeth will be broken down by the bacteria in plaque causing cavities. So do the third brush in “brush three times a day”, and smile confidently knowing that you’ve brushed the embarrassment away.