Word of Mouth
September 16, 2005
The silent fear of the Dentist

Everyone at some time feared the Dentist, and some still do. Often time it is the fear of pain or the injection that has caused them to stay away as long as possible. However, this article will attempt to alleviate other fears, which we as Dentists know exist but are seldom voiced by patients. This is the fear of the spread of AIDS at a dental clinic.{{more}}

Not once has it been documented that a patient has got AIDS from being treated in a dental clinic and this is solely because of the rigorous infection control techniques that each clinic adheres to. It starts from the use of sterilized instruments on each patient, the single use of injection needles, and the use of clean gloves with each patient to prevent bacteria or viruses passing from patient to Dentist and vice versa. All disposable items such as cups and bibs are thrown away and the dental chair and its surroundings disinfected after each patient, all in an effort to prevent infections from passing from one patient to another, and keeping your safety as priority.

If you have your concerns, ask your Dentist about his or her infection control techniques so that you can rest at ease while being treated.