Word of Mouth
August 26, 2005
The wonders of cheese

A bite of cheese at the end of meals helps to prevent tooth decay.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? When we eat, the bacteria in plaque breaks down the food to produce acid, it is this acid that destroys tooth structure causing decay, and this happens each time we eat or drink. {{more}}

Cheese acts in two ways to help prevent the acid attack.

• We all know how our mouths start to fill up with saliva as we bite into aged cheddar cheese. The strong taste of cheese stimulates the salivary glands, increasing the saliva in the mouth, washing away the food and plaque on the teeth and hence reducing the chances of an acid attack on the teeth.

• Cheese with its alkaline pH neutralises the acid produced by the plaque bacteria and reduces the acid attack and returns your mouth pH to normal.

One bite is all you need to keep the cavities away.

• Dr France is a Dental Surgeon and the owner of Dental Care Dental Clinic. She can be reached at sfrance@vincysurf.com or 456-2125.