Word of Mouth
August 5, 2005
Flossing makes the difference

Oh what an onerous chore, flossing our teeth. They are the few faithful, who floss at least once a day, and then they are the others who have all good intentions but just don’t get around to it, but it has to be done. {{more}}

What about the people who say that rinsing with Listerine is just as effective? Studies have shown that rinsing with Listerine and flossing is even more effective.

The key to flossing is matching floss to teeth. Unwaxed floss cleans between the teeth the best, its roughness will be sure to pull out any food or plaque from between your teeth. If your teeth are close together or have fillings between them, waxed floss will slide through your teeth with ease. The larger spaces require the braided or tape floss that is a little thicker.

Having problems getting those fingers all the way in the back? Use a floss holder or plackette, “floss on a stick”. They make it a lot easier to floss the back teeth of small mouths.

Now that your excuses have been resolved, let’s floss that plaque away.

Dr France is a Dental Surgeon and the owner of Dental Care Dental Clinic. She can be reached at sfrance@vincysurf.com or 456-2125.