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April 13, 2017
Wanted: easy job that pays

Is there such a thing as an easy job where you actually get paid? Yes, there are lots of easy jobs that pay well, and if you look hard enough, you will find them. While speaking with a young woman recently, she mentioned that she loved her job because it was not a stressful position at all. However, another person looking at her job would think it was too demanding, as she had to be at the beck and call of an entire office; but for her it worked and seemed easy. Do you have an easy job? Here a few tips on what makes a job easy.

A job you love. An easy job could be a job you love. Yes, there are people who absolutely love what they do. They can’t wait to bounce out of bed to get in to work, because it feels like they were born to do what they do. Doing their job brings them true joy. There is a cleaning lady who believes that cleaning is a special thing. She gets true satisfaction from bringing filthy, grimy spaces back to life and making them sparkle. She does not dwell on the dirty work, but focuses on getting the area clean and seeing the faces of people enjoying the clean areas she helped to create. To her, that is easy.

A job you create. It’s always simple to complain that that job you have now is not a good one; so why not create one? It’s not unusual for some companies to create positions for employees they want to keep or employees who have identified a new need that they can fill. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. However, you should not have to wait for an employer – create a job of your own. Even if it’s part-time, to help ends meet, that job can eventually grow into your full-time employment. Easy jobs may not come easy, but once created can be done with ease.

A job where you make a difference. If you are in a job where you feel like you are making a positive difference in people’s lives and it comes naturally to you, then you’ve accomplished your goal. That is an easy job. It does not even have to be a position like a doctor or teacher; there are accountants, fishermen, van drivers and plumbers who see their job as making a positive difference and to them, it’s easy.

A job that suits your personality. Easy jobs are those that fit your personality, and they become easier when the people you work with and the environment in which you work is good. Imagine placing an outgoing person in a job that requires little or no human contact or vice versa—that would be a recipe for disaster. Make sure your job is one that fits who you are. 

An easy job does not necessarily mean you sit around all day long and do nothing. It’s about finding a position that matches your skills, personality and even lifestyle, and gives you the space to mature into a consummate professional. 

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