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March 31, 2017
The power to be distinct!

Are you distinct, or are you working hard at being a chameleon? No doubt the recession has taught us many business and career lessons. One of the most important ones is the importance of not only having a sound business and career strategy, but for that strategy to be powerful, it must accentuate how you are distinct from all the other people or businesses around you.

There is a formula for success, but in following that formula, it’s critical to remember that you need to bring your own flavour to that formula to make it distinctly yours. Only brave people put in the time and thought to learn how they are distinct. They may be a little afraid, but they do it anyway because their very survival depends on it.

Being distinct shouldn’t really be a stretch. After all, we were all born with certain gifts, talents and an assignment that only we can carry out, but by the time we are young adults, we have already endured a lifetime of messages that encourage us to blend in and go with the flow.

When you are distinct, you can be powerful. You are recognized for promotions, building relationships is a little easier, and leaders who are distinct know how to rally support around an idea and obtain results. Isn’t it time you step into your own power of distinction and learn how you, too, can stand out and move up?

Assignment. Can you think of three ways in which you are distinct in a positive way? Whether you are a manager, business owner or just starting out in your career, take a few moments to think about how you stand out in a sea of sameness.

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