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March 24, 2017
Five power words successful people use every day

We scrutinize what successful people read, what they eat, their morning rituals, the kinds of people they associate with, and the list can go on; but to truly understand those who have triumphed in spite of difficulties, we need to look at what they say on a daily basis. After all, our words do create our reality.

We – Successful people understand that success comes quicker and lasts longer when they are able to get others to buy into their vision. When there is a “we”, collaboration is possible, creativity flows, and the dream is fuelled by the combined force of people who feel valued and will make the sacrifices necessary to get the job done. It’s the old saying, “No man is an island unto himself.”

Yes – Whether you are going after a large contract or you’ve been tapped for a big promotion, your ability to say “yes” to opportunities disguised as challenges is a major differentiator between those who reach the zenith of their career and those who constantly struggle to achieve their goals. Saying “yes” doesn’t mean you have all the answers or you don’t feel the fear of stepping into the unknown. Your “yes” is simply an indicator that you are willing to do whatever it takes to figure it out.

How – Strategy is at the heart of any major accomplishment. Taking the time to explore the many approaches to solving a problem, developing a new product or service, and choosing the best route is what drives results for successful people. Asking how provides the team an opportunity to view the process from different angles and a chance for the leaders to see how they can hold themselves personally responsible. How also helps to keep the right mission in focus.

Yet – Failure is inevitable for everyone who dreams of accomplishing anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big dream like building a multi-million-dollar enterprise or something small in comparison. Failure will come and for many successful people it comes fast and often. What really matters is the number of times you decide to try again, knowing that success will come; it just hasn’t happened yet.

Please, thank you, sorry – The absence of these little words can decimate morale and impede progress. It doesn’t matter if you are working with volunteers or paid employees; they still want to know there is a level of respect and civility. Asking for help and ending that request with “please” is one of the ways to set the foundation for a high-performing team. Admitting when you are wrong and apologizing also sends a strong positive message to your team.

Last, and certainly not least, is expressing gratitude. Saying “thank you” is an instant form of reward and recognition for your team, but it’s also about being thankful for the journey, the lessons learned, and the small accomplishments on the road to attaining larger victories.

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