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March 3, 2017
You are a sweet person, but your work attitude is terrible! – Part 2

Rule #2: You are paid to give the customer what they want/need.

How many times have you entered a business where the clerk, who is supposed to assist you, is busy talking on their personal cell phone? Have you walked into an establishment recently and wondered if you were invisible, because no one came over to greet or offer you help? How frustrated do you get when the clerk seems utterly bothered that you ask questions, or require assistance?

For generations, Caribbean hospitality has been legendary. You still listen to discussions from travellers who really enjoyed their trip to the region and talk about how local Caribbean people are so hospitable. Vincentians are no exceptions. Unfortunately, that is not the norm for every worker. The hospitality seems to almost dry up outside the tourism sector. So, let’s do a basic review.

A customer is anyone who patronizes a business. The customer has money. The business has a commodity or service that they want to sell to the needy customer. In order to manage these transactions, businesses hire workers. The worker’s job is to help the customer buy what he, or she, wants. The process starts the second the customer walks into the establishment, calls the business or logs in online to the website.

As a worker, you must recognize that without happy customers you have no job. If you have no job, you have no money to buy what you want or need. It’s imperative to accept that you are getting paid to work, and you must service all clients, regardless of their behaviour. You do not choose who to help or when to help. As a worker, you must also recognize that, while at work, nothing else is more important. Your sole focus should be the customer. All workers enter into a pact with their employer when they are hired. The employer has money, the new employee has time, skills, or the potential to develop skills, and the offer of a job is simply an agreement to exchange services for pay. 

How would you feel if your employer told you at the end of the pay period there was no pay cheque, because they did not feel like writing up payroll that week? That would probably not go over well. If that is the case, why should employers put up with you as a worker if you refuse to help customers?

Having a job, but lacking in performance, does not entitle you to keep the job. No job lasts a lifetime. Always remember, someone else will be glad to take over your job and pay cheque. If you are serious, but have made some mistakes, adjust your attitude and gladly help the customers. If you are not serious, then let’s hope your employer is smart enough to recognize your terrible attitude and replace you with a willing, capable person.

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