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June 10, 2016
Are you taking your job for granted?

There is a joke that employers in the Caribbean don’t really fire employees unless that person works really hard to be fired. If there is any truth to that joke, soon all employers will need to take a hard look at their employees for the following reasons:{{more}}

* The public is demanding better service across the board.

* Businesses want to benefit from the impact of globalization.

* There is an abundance of potential employees, locally trained and those returning home after training abroad.

With these factors in mind, employees need to look at their current workplace performance to ensure that they are not taking their jobs for granted. If you are currently doing any of the following, you are taking your job for granted:

* Arriving late to work

* Leaving early

* Taking extended breaks and lunches

* Using the office phone or computer excessively for personal use

* Spending excessive time texting or on social media

* Paying little or no attention to customers

* Arguing with your supervisor, co-workers and/or customers

* Abusing company privileges

Although these may seem like small infractions, these are the factors that make a difference in the way a company performs and should be taken seriously. You are not owed a job. As an employee, it is important to earn a job, and then let your performance be the factor that determines whether you keep that job.

Karen Hinds is “The Workplace Success Expert.”

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