Vincy Workplace
January 29, 2016
Laughing to save your sanity

Sometimes we take ourselves so seriously that we move close to the point of losing it, and some people do. Stress and problems exist in every workplace; however, one of the best ways to deal with these issues is to laugh and move on. Yes, laugh and move on. A good laugh is relaxing and refreshing. Instead of getting uptight over problems that seem insurmountable, why not take the time to stop, breathe and have a good laugh?{{more}}

Of course, this is hard to do. The learned reaction to problems is to get frustrated, angry and impatient with one another and ourselves. Unfortunately, when we react in this manner, our creativity and problem-solving powers are greatly diminished. One of the secrets to thriving in high-stress, fast-paced environments is the ability to see humour in the most unlikely places.

Just the act of laughing alone gives the brain a chance to focus on something else and regroup before returning to address the problem. Scientists have also proven that laughing has a healthy effect on the brain, and it’s becoming increasingly common to see groups of people gathering to conduct therapeutic laughing sessions. Laughing could be considered as aerobics for the mind.

The next time you find yourself about to “give someone a piece of my mind,” take a few minutes to try and see the humour in the situation. Laugh at it, and then move on!