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December 18, 2015
How to shine in your holiday job

If you haven’t worked all year and you finally have an opportunity to work this Christmas season, it’s important to do everything you can to excel now and increase your chances of being asked to stay on after the season is over. Here are 10 tips that can set you up to choose the right position and excel.{{more}}

Stay within your tolerance. If you know you don’t like crowds, crying children and pushy people, then maybe a job as a clerk in a store will not work for you. Instead, consider a stocking or inventory job or something else that is generally behind the scenes, where you’ll be more comfortable—a position where you will only be dealing with supplies and numbers.

Don’t be picky, but be persistent! Lots of places will hire, but many of the jobs won’t be full-time positions, so it would be smart to apply to multiple places. Send out the applications and then follow up with the employers. The most persistent, polite person usually wins the job, so get moving. And remember, it’s only seasonal—don’t get too picky about what you will do.

Take your smile —Because that’s what you’ll be doing all season long: smiling and welcoming people to the establishment, then encouraging them to shop, shop, shop.

Pack your patience. People will change their minds a million times before they actually buy anything. It’s not a reflection on you. It’s just that today’s consumer has many choices and they can afford to be particular. So, don’t get upset if you bring out 10 pairs of shoes and they don’t even buy one.

Wear comfortable shoes. Speaking of shoes, many seasonal jobs involve lots of standing or walking. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes that support your feet and keep you comfortable all day long.

Get some nutrients. Yes, the store may be busy, but find time to get a bite to eat. Do you remember the old saying, “A hungry man is an angry man?” Well, this will ring true, especially when you are tired and hungry. Pack a lunch, so you can go to the backroom and get something to sustain you quickly.

Take your breaks. Even though the business may be busy, the law requires that you take breaks, depending on the number of hours worked. Make sure you take those breaks and do not feel pressured into working non-stop.

Show up early; plan to stay late. It’s the holidays, and you will likely be required to come early or stay late. Those are the times when many companies make most of their money, so be prepared to be flexible with your time. It’s only for a short while.

Make customers feel important. The customer is the one who makes or breaks the season financially. Strive to go above and beyond—make suggestions, offer to help, be available to serve.

Do your best. Sometimes when you do well at a seasonal position, it can open the door for a full-time opportunity. Treat this job as an audition for something bigger and better, as you never know who is watching.

Karen Hinds is “The Workplace Success Expert.”
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