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March 7, 2014
20 ways to stay positive

Are the people you work with positive, or are they a pack of complaining, negative, frustrated people who just exist instead of live? Is your job no longer fulfilling, or is your personal life disrupting your professional success? Even the most positive people can find it difficult to stay upbeat when they are in a sea of depression and surrounded by utter hopelessness. No matter how bad it gets, remind yourself that the pain you may feel is an indication to move you closer to your destiny and away from what is hindering you.{{more}}

The last thing you need is people around you who encourage you to re-live the pain in a negative way, instead of looking for ways to be positive and pull through; so, here are 20 tips to get you moving.

Write down your vision. Where do you want to be in six months, one year, five years? Dream big!

Surround yourself with at least two like-minded people.

Refuse to discuss people. Remember the quote, “Small minds discuss people while great minds discuss ideas.”

Set daily goals and hold yourself accountable.

Reward yourself when you accomplish small tasks.

Focus on the good qualities in people.

Remind yourself that everyone is doing the best they know how to do in every given situation.

Offer to help others who may be going through a tough time. Break out of your pity party— someone probably has it worse than you do.

Know that you cannot save everyone.

Schedule time to spend with yourself; do something special for you on a regular basis.

Start a gratitude journal. Write down the little things that bring you joy. You are alive and have food, friends, a place to live, you can see and walk, etc.

Speak words of kindness to at least three people on a daily basis.

Smile — it releases endorphins that make you younger and live longer.

Get a good sea bath when possible, just to relax.

Accept the things you cannot change in your life.

Stop looking at others and wishing for their lives. You don’t know the price they paid and everything has a price.

Life’s joy is in relationships, not possessions. Rekindle an old relationship that can be inspiring.

Spend time praying. Prayer will do wonders and God never sleeps.

Define what happiness is to you; write it down and remind yourself daily.

Forgive those who hurt you, cheat you out of a promotion, sabotage your work or have done other injustices to you.

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