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January 24, 2014
False evidence appearing real

I heard a speaker once say that FEAR is basically False Evidence Appearing Real. To understand the true impact of fear in the workplace, ask the administrative assistant who sits on edge because he/she works for a boss who acts like a bully or ask the nervous salesperson who is about to make his/her first sales pitch.{{more}}

Fear causes humans to worry and when we worry we are unable to focus, our health is negatively affected and our productivity suffers. Whether you admit it or not, the fear you feel is stagnating your career and hindering you from being a peak performer. The source of your fear is not as important as your decision to address the issue and move on. Where should you start?

Get the facts. Most of the times when we feel fear, it is usually our mind playing a tape of what we think could happen or is happening. Unfortunately, it is often not based entirely on facts but a combination of facts and an extra heavy dose of our imagination, which after a while becomes our reality. Take a few moments to think through the situation logically, list the actual facts, not what you feel or think but facts. Once you have the facts, begin to consider ways in which to address the problem, keeping in mind that every problem has a solution.

Change your suggestions. Once you have examined the situation, it’s time to literally rewire your brain; in other words, you need to reprogram the messages that you send to the brain center. Concentrate on the desired results and not what you fear. For example, if you fear presenting publicly, don’t dwell on how inadequate you are as a speaker. Focus instead on one good aspect of your presentation or your reason for presenting and make it bigger than life in your mind.

Be consistent. Overcoming fear does not occur after you do a few mental exercises. It is a constant process that requires discipline and the determination not to be conquered by false evidence. Start every day with a reminder that FEAR will not be a part of your day.

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