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July 19, 2013

Career women vs Stay-at-home mothers: Which is better?

Who is a better woman? A woman who builds a career for herself or the woman who stays at home and raises her family? Truth is, they are both good women, but each woman must understand the price she will pay, regardless of which path she takes.{{more}}

Although women have fought for equal rights in the workplace, there is still a nagging divide between stay-at-home mothers and career women. Too many women have fallen into the societal trap which pits career women against stay-at-home mothers and that is unnecessary. Having workplace rights should also mean that women get to choose which workplace she wants to exist in: the one outside the home or the workplace that is the home. The rewards may be different, but it’s a workplace. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each of these workplaces.

The Career Woman Pros

1. One of the biggest benefits of being a career woman is the ability to be financially independent. A smart career woman manages her money well, so she is not dependent on her partner and she is able to make her own decisions.

2. A career woman is able to use the gifts and talents she spent years developing to make a valuable contribution to building and/or sustaining an organization or project. She feels personally and professionally gratified that her efforts make a difference outside the home.

3. If her work entails travel, she is able to explore the world and meet new people, and for some women that is a tremendous perk.

4. Parents who choose to work or must work understand the value of time and try their best to prioritize their lives so that the time they do have with the children is quality time.


1. Career women who are also mothers often deal with the guilt of being away from their children. When they are at work, some women struggle with wanting to be at home, but need to work because they are the sole breadwinner, main breadwinner or the second part to a financial equation needed to run the family.

2. Many career mothers are unable to attend their children’s recitals and sports games. Some parents are not at home to help with homework or able to stay at home when the children are sick to nurse them back to health. This can also be a tremendous burden as it can affect a mother’s productivity in the workplace.

3. When parents are away so often, some tend to overcompensate with gifts and material possessions as they are unable to offer the most important gift – the gift of time.

4. Unfortunately, parental absence sometimes leads to lack of proper supervision of children, and many young people find themselves with too much unsupervised time on their hands.

Next week, I will wrap up this two-part article and look at the pros and cons for stay-at-home mothers.

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