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April 12, 2013

Are you too scared to succeed?

Can people be too scared to succeed? If you ask anyone if they want better for themselves, they always say yes, and they probably will lay out some very lofty goals and dreams. That’s the easy part. Now observe their behaviour and that will determine if they truly are ready to walk down the path of responsibility and determination that success requires. People who are too scared to succeed, engage in behaviour that sabotages them. Here are a few behaviours that are common.{{more}}

Procrastination. When asked to do something, they often drag their feet or come up with excuses why the project is not done. They usually know exactly how to do what’s required, but fail to execute. Many are not even aware that’s the reason, but pass it off as being very busy or find fault overall.

Consumed with what others say and think. Small communities like St Vincent and the Grenadines can sometimes make progress impossible. Someone may have a good idea, but is scared to act because of what friends and neighbours say. It’s easier and safer to go along with the status quo, than it is to strike out on your own. Every successful person has endured criticism from friends and family, and especially strangers. Find a small group of people who will support you. In the beginning stages, they may call you crazy, but when you succeed, people will think you are smart

Lack of preparation. True success never happens overnight. It’s a process and it takes months, and for some many years. People who are scared of success stay in the idea phase and never take action to prepare to receive and sustain that success. When people are serious about succeeding, they prepare for it. They may take classes to learn more, attend conferences, change jobs, interview others, save their money, and the list can go on. Preparation can also be mental, where they work on changing their mindset, and it may even be physical where individuals begin to exercise and eat right in order to be healthy and more energetic.

Refusal to change circles. There is a saying that if you want to know where you will be in five years, look at the people you spend your time with. This does not mean you have to abandon all your friends. It simply means you spend the majority of your time surrounded with like-minded people. This can cause problems as there are those who are too scared to lose their friends for fear of being labelled as bourgeois. People change and relationships change. You do not have to ostracize old friends, but if their impact is negative, then it’s time to rethink those relationships.

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