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December 21, 2012
Have a Merry Caribbean Christmas

I am wishing I could be at home to spend Christmas in SVG. After all, it is second to none —family, friends, black cake, ham, an abundance of food and drink, new curtains, big barrels coming from Canada, UK and USA, a fresh coat of paint for the house, carolling, Nine Mornings, and the list goes on. There is no doubt that it’s a joyous time, but it’s important to still keep your head on straight.{{more}}

Manage your time. It’s easy to be tempted in the last few days before Christmas to take extra unauthorized time off to welcome visiting family members, or to just get last-minute chores done. Be careful: jobs are scarce and that extra time at lunch or break may cost you later.

Separate your professional and personal life. It’s impossible not to share small pieces of your personal life with co-workers during the holidays. However, avoid spending too much time talking about all your plans and neglecting your assignments and customers.

Create a budget for the season. Companies do it and so should your family. Don’t spend what you don’t have and avoid borrowing just to buy things for the holidays that are not absolute necessities.

Grow up and stop competing. There is a tendency to try to outdo the neighbours during the holidays. This is not the year to engage in such juvenile behaviour. You don’t have to have the best curtains, brightest lights, etc.

As you gather with family and friends this Christmas, give thanks for all the wonderful things, big and small, that make your life worth living. Reflect on the things that make you special, spend time rejuvenating your spirit, and begin to plan for what will undoubtedly be a fantastic 2013. Don’t be afraid to dream big, and don’t get bogged down in the negative things or details of 2012.

To all the readers who continue to read this column weekly and send emails, thank you for your comments and suggestions to make the tips better each time.

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