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August 19, 2011
Rude habits of people with cell phones

After receiving a request to address proper cell phone usage, I turned to Facebook for some help and asked my Facebook fans about what they were seeing with cell phone usage. My Facebook page was buzzing with people venting on incidents of cell phone usage that were rude, offensive and downright inappropriate.{{more}} We’ve done lots of articles on cell phone etiquette, but maybe some people still don’t know what’s right. Here is just some of the Facebook feedback. If you are doing any of this, please know you are being inappropriate.

“What bothers me the most is when someone pulls out their cellular phone and lays it on top of the table while we are having dinner. The message is ‘I am too important, so I can’t put my phone in my purse.’”

“Texting your parents from your bedroom because you don’t feel like walking to the living room to deliver a message.”

“I hate when I’m at work and I have to ring somebody up (at the register) and they are on the phone, and when they get off and look at the receipt they get mad when something rang up wrong. Well, they should have been paying attention.”

“Our CEO was talking during a presentation and one of the managers’ cell phones started ringing (it was the Rocky theme song). She didn’t know how to shut it off. She was fumbling with it for about 8 minutes. The CEO started to joke about it. First thing, always shut off your phone when you are going to a presentation where the big boss is presenting.”

“One time I attended a seminar and the facilitator announced that all phones must be on silent with no answering of cell phones during the session, and then his rang and he answered it. What was I supposed to do as a participant?”

“I cannot stand it when people text each other and they are right next to each other. I usually call them out and ask them if they want to share with the group what they are texting to each other. That would keep them quiet for a little bit.”

“I don’t like it when I am talking to someone and then they pull out their cell, read the message and start texting back, while pretending they are listening to you. When you ask them a question, all they say is uh-hum to everything you say.”

“Texting in church. Why?? You can’t give 60 minutes of your undivided attention to praising the Lord?”

“Conversations in public like at the pediatric office in the waiting room. Forgetting they’re in public, conversation so heated with baby daddy drama etc that profanity is used unaware in presence of waiting room full of kids.”

“Out partying with friends, but so bored, instead of trying to be entertained, distracted by texting a friend elsewhere or someone else in same party.”

“Text/gossiping about someone while these two individuals are present at same group the victim is in.”

“Texting while driving or working.”

“Technology has decreased our moral values.”

“My boss will text me while having a patient in the room, so I can come down to schedule surgery.”

“Answering the phone in job interview or while in a bank applying for a loan.”

Cell phones used to be for doctors only; now everyone has them. Remember, your conversations should be private, preferably quiet, and short. If you are in the presence of others, do not get on your phone. Come on, people, can we get it together?

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