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January 15, 2010
Are you a workaholic?

Some people truly enjoy their profession and are dedicated, but there are individuals who are not able to maintain a healthy balance between work and home.

These employees may feel the need to be constantly in motion and often neglect family and non-work responsibilities that are important to them.{{more}}

A workaholic works, not for the money but for the sole purpose of occupying their time, and work becomes the activity of choice.

I came across these tips for workaholics by Randall Hansen Ph.D from quintcareers and thought of sharing it here. Consider your work habits and if you think you are a workaholic then consider doing the following:

  • Block out “personal time” to spend with family and (non-work) friends.
  • When on the road for business, call home regularly to stayed connected.
  • Learn how to delegate work — and learn to say no to new assignments (or at least learn not to be the first to volunteer to take the assignment).
  • Take time off, perhaps starting with a long weekend and gradually moving up to longer vacations — and leave work behind.
  • Consider an exercise routine — after clearing it with your doctor — to get your body back to a healthy shape. And better, have a friend or significant other as your exercise buddy to make it more fun (and to keep your mind off work while working-out).
  • Consider volunteering — to help others and to meet new people.
  • Convince yourself it is okay to sometimes just sit and relax and do nothing.
  • Find a hobby or two.
  • Fight the urge that everything you do must be perfect — to your standards.
  • Accept that we all need a decent number of hours of sleep.

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