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January 12, 2007

Lead by example: Start a kindness committee

The newness of 2007 is fast eroding and soon everyone would have forgotten the holiday spirit of good will to all mankind. It will soon be back to the dog eat dog world that so many in business have come to love or perpetuate themselves. As the year progresses, try to avoid that mentality and take small steps to sharing goodwill throughout the year.

Would it be too farfetched an idea to start a kindness committee of one? Don’t wait for others, you lead by example and keep it simple, inexpensive and sincere.{{more}}

• Invite someone to lunch. The meal should not be expensive, the goal is to build a relationship with the person, get to know them and vice versa.

• Help out on a project. Imagine you have a major deadline, time is of the essence and a coworker voluntarily offers to help you meet your deadline just when you thought the task was impossible. How would that make you feel?

Now do it.

• Remember special occasions. If its someone’s birthday, give a card, say Happy Birthday, buy an inexpensive gift (no joke gifts please), celebrate births, pending marriages, and offer condolences in times of bereavement. This can be done on an individual basis as office birthday clubs sometimes become too political and expensive.

• Job well done. Instead of frowning and gossiping when a colleague gets a promotion, make it a point to congratulate them on their new position.

• Mentor a new employee. New to the company or new to the work world, take the time to share your expertise with someone who is trying to get a handle on his or her new environment. Even experienced workers could use a little advice.

• Offer rides. If a colleague does not have a car or their vehicle is in the mechanic shop, make it a point to offer a ride especially in inclement weather.

• Refill the machines. Something as simple as refilling the printer and copy machine with paper can be a big time saver for someone. File or deliver faxed documents laying around at the machine to the appropriate person.

• And finally the simplest act of kindness is to greet your coworkers, say hello, good morning or good afternoon with a smile.

• Karen Hinds President/CEO – Workplace Success Group, Toll Free: 1-877-902-2775; Tel: 1-203-757-4103
Creator of The Workplace Success Program (TM)