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November 10, 2006

How do you really feel about your boss?

A few weeks ago, I asked for your opinions on your relationship with your boss. I must say that the questions may have scared responders to believe that somehow, someway their boss would hear about their response so the responses were not what I hoped for. However, I conducted my own personal interviews and was able to get a good basis for today’s article.

Here is what I learnt.{{more}}

1. How do you feel about your boss?

The feedback on this question was mixed. Some people really love working for their boss while others seem to be marking time until their “escape” from their place of employment.

2. Is he or she qualified for the position?

Many people thought their boss was qualified for the position because of their expertise and education. Those who disagreed felt that their boss was simply promoted because of seniority, not expertise or the ability to get the best from emplyees.

3. What is your boss’ best quality?

One boss got rave reviews because she was able to include her entire department when making decisions. Even if her final decision did not reflect general consensus, employees still felt as if she valued their opinions and always made the best decision in most situations. Another boss was recognized for their ability to listen and give employees the space to be creative and try new things on their own with some guidance of course.

4. If you had to tell it like it is, what would you say needs improvement in their performance?

Listening skills and the need to allow employees to be creative seems to be the cry of employees on areas of improvement.

5. If you don’t like your boss could it be jealousy on your part?

Very often the people who did not like their boss felt they themselves could do a much better job and there was some hint of jealousy. Some were overlooked for the position previously; others felt they had more formal education and experience and should be the boss.

6. Do you think your boss really understands and cares for the workers or are they just focused on getting the job done?

Some responders felt their boss genuinely cared about the well being of each person professionally and personally. But with that said, pressure from upper management to raise the level of performance to some describe as unrealistic levels often put boss’ in an awkward position.

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