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October 13, 2006

Career building – Work hard, but work smart

You’re punctual, meet all your deadlines, you get good reviews but you’re constantly being overlooked for promotions. You thought you knew the right people but your career seems to be stagnant. Perhaps you’re in the wrong profession or maybe you need to reconsider how you’ve been building your career. Working hard does not mean you are working smart. Let’s look at a few ways to help you re-evaluate your career goals and become proactive rather than reactive.{{more}}

Work for the passion and paycheck – If you do not love what you do, begin exploring other options. Before quitting, conduct informational interviews or even a job shadow. If feeding your passion cannot support you financially, supplement your job with a hobby or community project that feeds your passion.

Expand your network – Venture outside your usual network to meet new people in your field as well as key industry leaders you can learn from. A strong network is critical to advancing your career after building win-win relationships with people who can recommend you for jobs.

Cancel unproductive relationships – Limit interaction with negative individuals who detract from your personal and professional life.

Create personal professional agenda – Companies adhere to their own policies and procedures and so should you. Jot down your professional mission and vision then craft your own operating policies and procedures.

Be ready to sacrifice – Examine what pursuing this career goal might cost you before committing. It could be time, money, friends and family, or even a change in lifestyle that you aren’t ready to alter.

Pace yourself – Break your goal into mini milestones. If you want a new job, research the positions available and salary range in the industry, rewrite your resume, build a good interviewing wardrobe. Do something daily or weekly that will help you develop consistency and a success record.

Scout a mentor – Cut your learning curve by hooking up with a mentor who can guide you and introduce you to new opportunities and people.

Talk with your supervisor – Before you seek a new position, discuss with your supervisor how you can improve your current performance.

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