Vincy Workplace
May 13, 2005
Caribbean – a paradise

Is there a Caribbean dream? Do we publicize how wonderful the Caribbean is for Caribbean people?

The Caribbean is a hotbed of activity for business people. Europeans and Americans see the region as virgin business territory with the signing of the Free Trade Agreement and its time for every Caribbean person to see the gem that is in their yard. {{more}}

Caribbean people have an indomitable, creative, resourceful spirit. People in the region become homeowners at an earlier age and pay off for their homes in shorter periods of time.

The region is relatively safe to raise a family in communities steeped in Godly values and respect. Although unemployment is high among younger people, those who are truly motivated can start a small business. The quality of life though simple in comparison to other more developed countries is much better. Caribbean people are not stressed out by the daily worries of life and

tend to be healthier physically and emotionally.

For the concept of a Caribbean dream to take root, citizens must know the benefits of living and working in the Caribbean. Yes, there are problems but if the focus shifts to the benefits of the region, people will begin to see the opportunities that the Americans and Europeans see.

Most importantly, the mentality of the people themselves must be


If its foreign its better. That thinking is false. Some of the best resources to help the Caribbean are already in the Caribbean, born and raised.

Every year the region is fleeced by business criminals who come down to the Caribbean and talk a good talk and end up walking away with too many people’s money.

No one seems to be immune, the government, private sector and the innocent citizen who sometimes find themselves working without pay.

Everything foreign is not better. Respect the talent and home grown resources that are already available and build on it.

Crab in the barrel mentality. In order for the Caribbean to rise up and be strong, there must be a genuine support system for the people who are bold enough to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Think outside the box and embark on that project that you have dreamt about.

When successful people begin to rise they will always lose friends; but take heart as the ones who leave are usually not true friends, so begin to rejoice that you got rid of some dead weight.

Power in the tongue. Walk through any marketplace or hang out on any block in any village on almost any island and you will hear people complaining.

In fact its almost as if people expect you to lament about the hardships of life. Yes, economically it is difficult for a large number of people but if life and death truly is created by the power of the tongue, these tongues are saying the wrong things. If your life is to change, your thoughts and words have to change.

There is a Caribbean dream, just open your eyes and see it.