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January 7, 2005
Break the cycle – Your best for 2005

It’s become a vicious cycle: we spend the first few days of the year making resolutions and plans for our personal and professional lives that dissipate by January 31, and by March we’re back feeling unfulfilled, and some even feel lost. Break that cycle in 2005 and begin the process by reading two excellent books that can put you on the right track. {{more}}

The “Purpose Driven Life”, written by Rick Warren and “The Principles and Power of Vision” by Bahamian author and preacher Myles Munroe are two books that should help you achieve new heights as you try to figure out ways to make 2005 the best year of your life.

The “Purpose Driven Life” is a 40-day journey into the meaning of life. Since our society still believes in God and His divine plan for each person’s life, the book explores how every individual can begin this process of discovering their true purpose. The book is divided up into 40 small chapters that are to be read daily and considers questions such as, “What problem in my life has caused the greatest growth in me?” “How can I make the best use of what God has given me?” “What fears have kept me from fulfilling the mission God made me to accomplish?” And “Since I was made to last forever, what is the one thing I should stop doing and the one thing I should start today?”

“The Principles and Power of Vision: Keys to Achieving Personal and Corporate Destiny” is a great follow-up to Rick Warren’s book. Once you know your purpose then it’s easier to begin to write it down, and put a vision in place to support that purpose.

Sample chapters in Dr. Munroe’s book are: “Overcoming Obstacles to Vision”, “Recognize People’s Influence on Vision”, “Use of Persistence in Achieving the Vision”.

Many workplace problems are caused by people who are often unsure of themselves; are in the wrong jobs; are frustrated and unfulfilled in their own lives so they make other people’s miserable with petty arguments and false conflicts.

Let 2005 be the year you put a stop to the madness in your own life and begin to live life to the fullest at work and at home.

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