Vincy Workplace
October 22, 2004

Are you visible on the Job?

Besides your immediate supervisor and your best friend at work, does anyone else in the organization know what you are capable of doing on a professional level? There are many invisible people working in organizations daily. These are the workers who come to work but are not really a part of the fabric of the organization. They basically come to collect a pay cheque and go home to return the next day. {{more}}

At a time when no job is secure and shorter job tenures are the norm, it’s in your best interest to become more visible on the job.

Volunteer. Take the time to volunteer for extra work or community projects your organization may support.

Find a mentor. Find someone in the organization who can guide you. Mentors are not only for young professionals but for almost everyone who wants to shorten their learning curve and become strategic in the way they

approach the workplace. Your mentor should be someone who genuinely cares about helping you advance and will take the time to direct you.

Get an advocate. An advocate is someone who can speak well of you and recommend you for promotions and special projects. An advocate will not spend time grooming you or mentoring you but that person must be aware of your accomplishments and your abilities so they can introduce you to new opportunities. Your advocate should always be in influential positions or have access to those who make decisions.

Network. Schmooze, schmooze and do it regularly. Get to know people in other departments. Invite them to lunch or breakfast, and strike up casual conversations with colleagues so you have a wide “fan base”. Take the time to build these relationships, so when you do need something, you will gladly receive assistance.

Practise timeliness. Your colleagues are watching you to see how often you come late and leave early. It’s not uncommon for individuals to take liberties with company time. This will get you visibility but the wrong kind.

Be approachable. This does not mean you need to smile every day, all the time, but it does mean that your body language and your demeanour should be inviting.

Know your reputation. Do you know how you are perceived in the workplace? Take the time to design and maintain your reputation. It is your most prized possession.

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