Vincy Workplace
June 18, 2004
Carnival – mas, music and money

Carnival is mas, music and for just about everyone carnival is about money, whether you are a small vendor, mas camp, calypsonian, hotel, the government, big business, promoter, mini bus driver, family member receiving gifts from visiting relatives and the list goes on. Because everyone benefits, businesses and individuals must make an effort to be courteous, deliver good service and offer an excellent product.{{more}}
Carnival is a business and visitors who feel welcomed will spend more money.
The goal should be to get visitors to fall in love with every aspect of St. Vincent – the scenery, food, activities, people – and help to create a memorable experience that makes it impossible not to return.
Airport and waterways. As officers your interaction with visitors, whether newcomers or Vincentians returning home, can set the tone for the rest of their stay. Look clean and smile. Visitors who have lost luggage will be angry; they are often tired, hungry and frustrated after a long day of travel. Answer questions politely, avoid giving vague answers and resolve problems immediately and privately.
Food establishments. Whether you sell on the street or you own a restaurant, keep the area clean. Food service should be quick, well prepared and again service should be with a smile. Please and thank you should be used often.
Taxi and mini bus drivers. Become familiar with all the festival events and tourist attractions on the island. If you are courteous and make a few recommendations to visitors you will increase your chances of getting repeat business during their stay.
Show promoters. Shows should start and end on time and run smoothly. Invest in professionals who can entertain the audience and provide quality equipment that reduces the incidents of sound problems. Event staff should be courteous and knowledgeable about carnival activities and St. Vincent in general.
Retail businesses. Employees should move and greet every customer as soon as they walk in the door. Do so willing and with a smile.
Government. As in years past, every effort should be made to keep the streets clean and provide visible authority figures for safety.
Every Vincentian. Visitors should be asked, not harassed, to buy souvenirs.
Watch your language; obscenities are a turn off to locals and visitors. Be wise when you drink; don’t litter; and gentlemen, no really does mean no.
Do your part to make St. Vincent an attractive place to visit and watch the economy grow.