Vincy Workplace
June 11, 2004

The formal dinner

Dining Etiquette – Part 3

As we continue our series on dining remember that practice makes perfect. Invite a few friends over and make it a fine-dining affair to practice these tips in a comfortable setting.
When the time comes to attend a real formal function you will be ready and can truly enjoy the experience. Keep the following in mind.{{more}}

1. Be discreet and chew with your mouth closed and never talk with food in your mouth.
2. If you smoke it’s best to avoid smoking at the table before, during and after the meal. In some countries smoking in public establishments is prohibited.
3. Pace yourself; you don’t want to be the last one eating or the first one done. Try to begin and end each course around the same time as the other guests.
4. When passing food, always pass to the right.