Man’s passion for writing helps him kick drug addiction
David Richardo Nedd has published his first book of poems
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November 25, 2022
Man’s passion for writing helps him kick drug addiction

A man who said he was once a drug addict has published his first book of poems.

David Richardo Nedd knew the wretchedness of homelessness- that is where his drug addiction had led him- without any hope.

However, after a change in his lifestyle he was able to fulfil his passion for writing and has published his first book of poems.

Nedd who is originally from Kingstown told SEARCHLIGHT in an exclusive interview that he has been writing for almost his entire life, but found his true passion for the art while he was on drugs, and it was at that time he began writing his poems that have now been published.

The book entitled “From drought to Providence” was published on Amazon on November 13 , and consists of 45 poems written at different points of Nedd’s life.

During his addiction and homelessness, Nedd said life was difficult, but there were people around who motivated and encouraged him.

“I always had supporters, people knew I was a good man who had a bad habit,” he said, adding that he was also able to do small jobs to keep himself out of trouble.

He praises God for bringing about the change in his life and said, “it comes to a point where you yourself cannot take it any more because you know that you desire better.”

He went on to say that God released him from his addiction and the reason why he came through is because God has kept him.

“Writing is like therapy and that was my escape,” he shared, noting that his new lifestyle is one that is led by Christ. And while he is not perfect, since he kicked his addiction in 2008 he has never looked back.

He described this change as “growth.”

Nedd told SEARCHLIGHT that people usually search for errors to discredit others, but said it is always important to give glory to God despite any negativity that may be thrown at you by others.

His advice to young writers is, “you should know what you love to do and what you desire to do. If it is your passion, go for it, continue writing.’’

He also said when someone begins to write they will learn about themselves; it helps to develop you as a person and to learn the purpose of what you are doing.

While he is very happy that his book is published, hard copies are not yet available across the country and Nedd is asking for sponsors to help him get hard copies of his book to be sold.

He is also appealing for support so he could be a voice for others who may be suffering or have suffered from drug addiction. The author said he would like to be a positive role model for people, as drug addiction is a problem that is still prevalent in the society and there are people out there who need help.

Nedd said his writing career does not end with his first book; he plans to publish more books and also release his first song on which he has been working.

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