July 25, 2014
Fardah, thanks…for yuh sense ah humah

Quite frankly, ah didn’t want to dwell on EG another week. Ah said ah wasn’t going to de funeral and ah ain’t sorry because it turned out to be back-anal! Miss-behave-yah at home, school, town or anywhere, is unacceptable. We are ah Christian Community, we respect our symbols: De Bible, de Cross, Communion Vessels, Holy Water, de Altar considered de Holy of Holies; and our place of worship, some say de church, some say de Temple, some say de house of God! One does not have to be ah Christian to know how to behave when one is within de confines ah de Church.{{more}}

For example rabble-rousing on de street might get overlooked, but don’t even as much as speak loudly as yuh pass de church door during ah Service, dat is considered disrespect. So Sat-dey’s unruly behavior at EG’s Funeral service in Church, regardless to who was speaking was out-ah-hand and totally unacceptable!

De Christian’s greatest Weapon is de Word all bounded in de Holy Bible, dat’s his/her sword and shield. King David speaks of de Word (de Bible) as de lamp unto his feet and ah light unto his path. Dey’s ah passage dah says: “For the Word of God is living and active and sharper than any double-edged sword, piercing even to the point of dividing soul from spirit, and joints from marrow; it is able to judge the desires and thoughts of the heart.” My cousin Theo Browne loves dat passage. Would yuh believe dat inspite ah all ah dat, we got people among us, some dead some alive who at de unbelieving stage ah dey life, took matches, set fire to de Word and bun de Bible to ashes. “Dey’s no God” dey said. And God wid his great sense ah humah, laughed!

EG knew dem all personally and uses to read out dey names one by one, dey’s way he made ah lot ah NME foh his ventilation. What is reassuring in all ah dis, is dat God in his infinite wisdom and sense ah humah, has made it possible, thru de precious blood of His Son Jesus, foh whosoever believes in him and CONFESSES to be saved. Thank God today we could now boast of meeting EG and others in Heaven.

Father Jones in his Homily at EG’s funeral spoke humourously of de encounter between EG and St Peter at Heaven’s Gate. Maybe if Jones had stayed around last Fry-dey evening and into de Sabbath, he would ah heard de Big Lots-Of-Laugh (LOL) in Heaven when Ralph appeared from no-way, and walked down de aisle pushing his way behind EG’s coffin. De LOL continued when de PM was called to de Pulpit, de Holy of Holies but de crowd refused to let him speak. De crowd erred but de LOL continued further on Monday, when Fr George of de RC Church ironically, condemned de disorder in de Anglican Church. Now Fr George is ah most lovable Priest, who is entitled to an opinion, which he gave, but he should clench his fist and not go pointing fingers at Fr Jones, another officiating officer, foh not calling foh order at de funeral. Remember dey’s always de story wid de adulterous woman who was brought to Jesus to be stoned.


Kaisonian ‘Strongy’ made light entertainment dis year wid a song called ” Boo!” Lie-Za reminds me dat de last big Boo-ing was in 1984, when NDP supporters gave PM Cato his final send-off in Pol-ah-tricks in Court House yard, Cato went home and resigned. Now dis Boo-ing thing surfaced wid NDP supporters name again, it find itself in de Church. Lie-Za tell me to say ‘in de Lord’s House’, because de people is de Church and is dem dat tek it pon dem-selves to judge de PM unworthy to stand and speak in de Holy of all Holies. Lord, just smile please, ah prefer Yur laugh dan Yur wrath!

But seriously, two consecutive Booes at public functions in ah month is beyond limit. First leading Entertainer Skinny Fabulous was Booed during his Soca Presentation; and now de PM Booed before even making his Fear-well Presentation… to EG. ULP got to pass another one ah dey Retroactive Bills, not just to Ban Boo-ing, but mek all Boo-ing on Sat-dey and before, null and void!

Bro. PR is usually wrathed wid these societal set-backs. On his very treasured Radio Program, “De Law on You,” PR went wild as in his “Wild Act Days,” outlining de six years maximum penalty in Law, foh people who disrupt religious proceedings in de Lord’s House. It was den Lie-Za phoned to tell me she believes now, dat de Lord got ah sense ah humah and does buss-out LOL. He has no choice when He hears how we down here playing most holy, wid Law to Jail people for making noise in Church, while de’s ah deafening silence on Pedophilia, on Fornicators, nothing on persons dah tek de Bible mek stove! Ah tell she to go back to her TV, and listen to “De Law and You!” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.