Luciana Nelson
December 13, 2019


Our beautiful grandmother
Luciana Nelson aka ‘Tanty”

of South Rivers was laid to rest on 07/12/2019. This is our farewell tribute to her… with love
Dear Grandma,

Over the years, though it might have looked like just a simple and mundane gesture to onlookers, sitting on the porch with you was always one of the most significant and meaningful acts we used to do…

It is here that you taught us so much about life! For instance, it is here you first told us that we must wish upon others only what we wish upon ourselves, thus we must only wish them goodness, light and love…

It is also while sitting here that you taught us the importance of self-accountability- assuring us that true growth and improvement of self is only possible when we take an honest look inwards, then assume full responsibility for what we see there- whether such be good or bad…

It is here too that you dished out abundant wisdom and insight about life’s trials and obstacles by shedding light and lessons on trying times of your own…

And finally, it is here you reminded us that moments of merriment, laughter and love can make the biggest obstacles shrink- making them seem as if they were nonexistent- especially when these moments are shared with family!

To this day, we still feel joy when your loud laughter reverberates in our memory at funny stories shared- especially when you muttered ‘’Oh Garm!’’ at the end of that hearty laugh!

Yes Grandma, you were always a constant in our lives- and so, having that exposure to the value system you instilled and displayed, the priceless advice you always gave, the immeasurable wisdom you imparted, and the unconditional love and support you ceaselessly provided, we can say with much pride that who we are today is largely because of your lifelong influence!!

So thank you, for this is the legacy you have left us! In life, you gave us wisdom, goodness and love, and in death you will continue to do the same- for there are some gifts from life that death just cannot taint!! Yes, these things will be engraved within us forever!!

So dearest Grandmother, until we meet again, rest in sweet peace with the Lord and His heavenly beings. You are now among those who guide us from above… Please know that we will remember you forever and always… with unconditional love!!!

From your granddaughters: Shareef and Shorian

We love you always!!!