August 19, 2011
Tribute to Edmond Medford

Fri, Aug 19. 2011

Tomorrow is never certain

by Trudie St Hilaire

“We are driven by our strength,

Our strength is driven by our courage,

Our courage we use as our force

And our force is the driving forces in our lives…”

I cannot count the days when you will come around:-

Come around to challenge our knowledge with words.

It was like the most thrilling voyage to begin your day,

It was your drug for your weakness.

You said “Scrabble” we said when?

Your energy, your spirit convey laughter,

Don’t forget to mention fulfillment of life vast wonders.

You carry away the bad times and bring smiles to unhappy faces

When you said! “Scrabble” we say when?

With a wife that is stronger than superwoman

A mother of two, a woman that knows the blood that ran through your veins

You given more love than any woman can ask for.

For that I salute you with all my heart and every breathe I take.

You left just in the blink of the moment

Without saying why,

But you know, you will commit to memory now and always

With every tear drop that falls from our eyes.

Sweet dreams I will whisper to you,

Sleep tight with comfortable turns

Walk with us and let us know when you are around.

You have gone so fast, so soon without saying goodbye!

R.I.P Edmond Medford