August 19, 2011
Poem (Re: Dr. Junior Baachus)

Fri, Aug 19. 2011


Though we know you joked a lot
You left us all in shock,
You chose to leave without goodbye
Such manners you have not.

So cry, hell no, why should I? It is a simple truth,
That you would never want me to – you energetic youth!
A leader of humanity, you lived your life to be.
You gave your life so selflessly to your community.

A true and proud Vincentian – A Rose Bank man at heart
The I.H.F will miss you, oh yes you played your part.
You always played an active part in sports and Culture too,
Your emphatic greeting “Youth!” always did ring true.

Family, Friend, Professional; you gave them true meaning,
Lest I forget, you played your part in our visioning.
Debbie, Khalil and Lisa, may cry but this they’ll know
A husband and a father, they had the best for sure.

So as we gather here today – we know it’s not the end,
For you have left a legacy, my cousin and my friend.

by Lennox Bowman